Soph Kessner

An Brief Intro To My Professional Background

Trauma Trained Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practicioner, NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner in training, Equity Centered Leader, Trauma Trained Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner in training, Equity Centered Leader

I'm Glad you're here.

If you’re on this page, that tells me you’re curious about who I am, my expertise, training and most importantly, my qualification and credentials when it comes to such tender work.

My pronouns are: She/Her/Hers


Personal Background

I’m a biracial first generation Mexican American cis woman that’s native to San Diego, CA.

If you were to explore my trauma history, you’d find my ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score rather high and my achievements thus far to be a bit of an anomaly.

As a mom to a wildly spunky three year old son, a newly diagnosed ADHDer, and someone who’s had a lifelong relationship with depression and anxiety that would later be diagnosed as PMDD, I appreciate the realness that comes from having lived through a lot of life early on.


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Qualifications Matter.

Here's what you need to know about mine

Professional Training & Qualifications

I graduated from Mira Costa College in 2015 with four associate degrees including Communications, Behavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Early childhood Education.

I decided to Major in Psychology when attending California State Univeristy of San Marcos but took a massive step back from traditional Education my Senior year to focus on my coaching career (more to come soon).

Today, I am actively working towards finishing my BS in Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies after a much needed five year sabbatical from the public education system. 🙂

100-Hour Early Development & Relational Trauma Training 2023

NeuroAffective Touch® 6-month Professional Somatic Training with Dr. Aline Lapierre. “This training addresses attachment, emotional, and relational deficits that cannot be reached by verbal means alone.”

400+ hour Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Training​ 2020-2023

Somatic Experiencing Three Year Practitioner Training through the Trauma Healing Institute to become a certified Somatic Experiencing Practicioner® who is Trauma Trained. As of January 1, 2023, I've completed over 216 hours of supervised training in addition to over 100 hours of additional supervised practice and personal sessions. Tentative Graduation: August 2023, with an additional 108 hours of in-person supervised training.

160-Hour Trauma Informed Practitioner Training 2022

Certified as a Trauma Informed Practitioner through Jessica Benstock’s 6-month-long training, The Phoenix Path, with over 54 hours of supervised online practice, 54 hours of online lecture, and a combined 60 hours of supervised in-person training.

100-Hour Anti Racism & Equity Certification 2021-2022

Certified as an Equity Centered Leader through the Institute for Equity Centered Coaching by Trudi Lebron, emphasizing antiracist business practices.

35-Hour Trauma Informed Certification Fall 2020

Certified as a Trauma-informed practitioner through Will Rezin and Aurianna Joy’s 3-month-long program, Trauma + Somatics.

Let's Get Personal.

Though I’ve predominantly dated cis-men, I personally identify as queer and am always working towards creating safe spaces for my LGBTQUIA+ family. Exploring my own sexuality and gender identity continues to be something that both fascinates me.

I’ve never been one for team sports, but I found my home in weightlifting. I competed in Bikini Competitions in my early 20s until I developed a binge eating disorder and body dysmorphia that invited me to take a deeper look at my relationship with food, fitness, and body positivity.

Today, I am still learning to love and embrace my tiger stripes from pregnancy while also feeling fabulous, taking up more space. Most days, it’s a win, but I prefer to be honest about my own constant process with body image.

Want to be friends?

Talk to me about some delicious smoothies and pineapple pizze, Fboy Island, the next festival, Starbies or a day at the beach and I’m all ears. Also, ya girl loves some Tiky-toks and is here for all the laughs. Let’s not take life too seriously.


From 2017-2021 I ran the Mind Mastery & Manifestation Podcast with co-host Dan Mendilow, emphasizing mindset. Please note: there may be components of episodes where my opinion and stance on topics have since evolved. 


The Sophie Kessner Podcast

My new podcast will share more in-depth content on my present-day beliefs tackling business, entrepreneurship, equity, and trauma resolution conversations.

YouTube Channel

I launched my YouTube channel, @iamsophiekessner, to teach more straightforward content about entrepreneurship and business.

The Online Business Automator

Happily running our staple program, The Online Business Automator where we get to support entrepreneurs in taking a DIY approach to automating their entire business backend.


My Value & Practices

To keep this page from being longer than my target receipt, I have an entire page dedicated to my personal values and antiracist business practices that you can explore by clicking below.